"Yes. Definitely political parties learn more from losing than winning.

But, it must not at the cost of being in opposition for 1826 days"

360 Political Survey Analysis

As one of the top political consulting firms,Kurtosis has created specific areas to challenge the Out dated and Traditional Political Surveying. The vast majority survey agencies significantly fail in predictions and this is where Kurtosis has the right political solution with potentiality

Kurtosis 360 Surveys helps clients overcome possibility of failure through prediction, measurement and risk management. At Kurtosis, we come to pass with the integration of solutions, implementations and delivery.

Our 360 Transformative Survey approach is guided by principles, unbiased approaches, consideration of all vote equations, deep commitment and value delivery. It also moves beyond the installation of change, which it says is easy but instead goes much deeper to alter the way Voters perceive and behave in polls.